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" Benedictus " - (The God Particle)

Runtime: 3:09 / Released: August 2012

- This film is a transformation: the virtual reality experience of multimedia producer, Michael Dean Giamo.

- Dedicated to: James T. Dolan, Adele Lanni Varenas, and to RyanTombleson

Notes: By creating a 3-D "flying video-cam," I captured my own unique series of clips - virtually - inside the Sistine Chapel (completed in 1481). I edited them
to become a soaring, panoramic video art piece - inspired by the genius of master painter & sculptor, Michelangelo (1475 - 1564).

Visual content
: from the user-definable Website: Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour ©: THE MUSEI VATICANI, in cooperation with
Villanova University (Philadelphia, PA /USA)

Music: "Benedictus" composed by Italian Renaissance pipe organist and Vatican music director Giovanni Palestrina (1525 - 1594).
- Performed by the Choir of Westminster Abbey (Director: Simon Preston). © Archiv Musik

© www.DilettanteFilms.net / Michael Dean Giamo / JDMG Omnimedia LLC / ASCAP - all rights reserved.
This is a portfolio piece ONLY; is NOT for sale; and may NOT be reproduced or sold in ANY manner.

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